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We understand that Business is a driver of economic growth towards the well-being of society. We feel professional responsible for all the challenges it is facing in a wild legal terrain of Ukraine. That's why our main goal is committed participation in the so-called holy war on the side of our client. And we are glad to be the part of the struggle for honor and dignity, free development right, and personal liberty.
Legal support
Arrangement of legal business security, legal business support services, contract-partner verification, legal advisory services, corporate law, M&A, etc
    Tax Security
    Reports analysis and monitoring, tax planning, diagnostics and streamlining, corporate taxation, tax disputes, appeal the tax notice, etc.
      Government Relations
      This practice includes legal representation in local governance or public administration and so on.
        Pre-trial protection, effective remedy in civil, economic, administrative and criminal matters, ECHR, ICC, ICAC.
          Reputation Security
          This practice includes the development and implementation of an effective information strategy to protect the interests and rights of the Client.
            Data Security
            This practice includes analyzing and pen-testing of enterprise informational systems (OWASP, PCI DSS, NIST 800-115, etc) / URL: data8.dev
              Alternative Dispute Resolution
              Dealing with conflict situations, the practice of out-of-court (alternative) dispute resolution.
              service pack's
              SMALL BUSINESS
              15 hours of lawyer/specialist
              practice Legal support
              practice Advocation
              practice Tax security

              per month
              25 hours of lawyer/specialist
              — your own project-manager
              practice Legal support
              practice Advocation
              practice Tax security

              practice Reputation security
              practice ADR/Mediation

              per month
              How will the hours spend be calculated?
              Billing applications that are installed on the computers and mobile devices of our lawyers record the time spent by each specialist to accomplish each task
              Our clients are our proud and greatest asset.
              We are learning from them and we progress together. We rejoice at their successes, as if it were our own. It is the inspiring empathy which we would like to share with you.

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